Winter Break

This cold has made me a bad human. I meant to have a productive winter break, but I’ve been getting lost in YouTube land and watching too many episodes of Naked and Afraid.

Now it’s time to get back on track! I’ll be starting school on January 10th, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary.

I intend to complete one chapter for my thesis before school starts. This is pretty much equivalent to a 20 page paper. Right now, I’ve got about 3 pages.

I also need to pick up my books for the class I’m taking this spring, British Literature Post-1800. My professor is focusing on works by C.S Lewis, Dorothy L. Sayers, and J.R.R Tolkien.

My reading list includes,

I haven’t read any of these books, so I’m pretty excited! I will be reviewing/sharing insights from these works as I read them over the course of the semester.

I’ve decided to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from now on. 🙂 Maybe a little more.

Till next time!


19 thoughts on “Winter Break”

  1. This almost makes me miss school! Last semester, giiiiirrlllll–you got this!

    I’ve always wanted to read LOTR. I love the films, and I feel like such a hack English degree holder having never read the books. Let’s do iitttt

    Also, what’s Naked and Afraid???

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    1. Haha yes! Read them with meeeee!
      It’s an awesome show. They take one woman and one man. They both get totally naked, and then they are thrown into the WILD and have to survive 21 days. They each get to pick one thing to bring with them.

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