Her Pen Pal

For my nephew

Her Pen Pal

Through the bay window
One eye may spy
Six humans, a chattering of chicks,
A Doberman duo, a duckling duet,
And one cat with a gimp.

Their lives orchestrated by
Slap shots, take downs, touch
Downs, layups, yellow cards,
Major scales, call times, and
Camping trips.

Still the boy finds time for
Dear Auntie,
To share about his day,
What’s keeping him busy,
How he celebrated Easter, and
That he relly enjoys when
She writes back.

18 thoughts on “Her Pen Pal”

  1. Omgosh I LOVE this!!! Especially since I think you spelled really “relly” like a young nephew might! You’re a minimalist when it comes to words but they are always enough to paint a complete picture!

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      1. Call me old fashion, but I love getting handwritten letters. When my English teacher taught my class how to write letters, I gave her one every week, nevermind that it was part of the lesson. I enjoyed writing them.

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      2. The other day my brother asked me on which side do you put the stamp on an envelope and I almost choked on my breakfast. I was so shocked that he didn’t know how to do that.

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