It mocks me

It mocks me—the grand piano—that resides in my living room.

It was purchased for my older brother. After playing for some time, his piano instructor recommended that my parents buy a bigger keyboard for him, but our dad brought home the monster with white teeth instead. My family and I always give my dad a hard time about this—his go big or go home attitude. He’s a very humble man, but sometimes he has expensive taste.

My brother played for awhile, but eventually the instrument was no longer a priority. His interests changed, but that was okay, because my parents believed I could learn to play. The problem was that I never hit the keys until an hour before my lesson, because I believed that I could master a piece without training.

I have had three piano teachers, so it’s obvious I’m the problem. I always joke that if there was only a pill to swallow that provided instant mastery of an instrument I’d take it.

Since a pill of that sort doesn’t exist, I’ll try something I’ve never tried before: consistent practice.

Currently, I’m on page 109 in Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course: Level 1. I hope to finish the book by the end of this year.


T. Shaw

10 thoughts on “It mocks me”

    1. Right?! It’s funny, because this isn’t who I am as a student/employee. In those settings, I’m a diligent and hard worker. I’ve heard, for a lot of people, it’s easier to break the promises you make to yourself vs. the promises you make to other people. So, I really hope to reach a different outcome this time. 🙂

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  1. Good luck T.Shaw! My guitar sits in my room every day and mocks me too. I never even learned how to play a song. I only learned the keys and that was it. I was self taught and I always second guessed myself on whether what I was doing was right.

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