Is gratitude weird?

My church just started a series called “Summer in the Psalms.” This past Monday a speaker taught on Psalm 1. One of the things she said that stuck out to me was, “What resides in your hearts and minds will become your daily lives.”

I was immediately reminded of one of my graduation presents. It is a journal called A Life of Gratitude: How to Appreciate It All Big and Small by Lori Roberts. Basically, it includes short prompts that hopefully inspire thankfulness as you dwell on “the good stuff more often.”

Instead of keeping my meditations private, I thought I’d share what I’m grateful for here. My goal was to post every Wednesday, and I was hoping you guys would also share what you’re grateful for in the comments.

But then I typed up my gratitude list from the first entry of my journal…

  • sunshine
  • a light breeze
  • the birds that sing, even the one that bites me (yes, I’m talking about my not so nice parakeet named Sam)
  • Dobby, my furry best friend
  • my marriage
  • my home with my parents
  • the future ahead
  • the new growth on my bonsai
  • my friends
  • my family
  • graduating “on time”
  • literature
  • the power of words
  • poetry
  • author Isabel Allende
  • Danny’s new position
  • Wednesdays
  • summer break
  • good T.V.
  • quiet moments,
  • singing,
  • God’s Word
  • prayer
  • yoga
  • blue skies
  • fluffy clouds
  • long—I mean, short walks
  • long showers that help me think/remember how blessed I am

Originally, I had no intention of sharing this list. Then when I typed it up, my list suddenly felt silly, maybe even a little bit weird. I’m still going to share, because it meant everything to sit on my back patio, take in the fresh air, and reflect on even the smallest bits of goodness that either get unintentionally ignored or forgotten.

Feel free to make your own mini list in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for at this moment in time.

Also, I’m hoping that every Wednesday I can take some time to reflect and expound on 1-3 things that I’m thankful for that week. We’ll see how it goes!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I hope you have an awesome rest of the week.


T. Shaw

19 thoughts on “Is gratitude weird?”

  1. I love this! And I feel like it’s good to be reminded to be grateful. Here’s a short list of my own:

    Getting married
    My fiancé
    My parents
    My home
    A relationship with a God who loves me
    My achievements in publishing
    My friends
    My job

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  2. I love your post, T.Shaw! ^^

    I’m grateful for:
    1. My family
    2. My job, even though I don’t like it. No job is better than none.
    3. Sunshine
    4. The wind
    5. Doctors.
    6. A house to live in.
    7. A car to drive in.
    8. WordPress
    9. Clothes to wear.
    10. The Soothing Relaxation Youtube channel. It’s been helping me sleep a lot.

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  3. I had a “challenge” class several years ago through Creative Keepsakes Magazine called “Thanks Living” it was about keeping track of your blessings through paper artistry. I love this idea and have done it for years. It was prompted from a sermon my pastor gave and this quote “Be too busy counting your blessings and you will lose track of your misfortunes.” –unknown

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