Meeting Golden

I enrolled in a class called Chaucer, in which we exclusively read Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Although I may be an English major, I did not read much growing up. I had never heard of him, and I was not ready to encounter middle English. If you’ve never read middle English, it might as well be a totally different language. Although, somehow you get used to it. Dr. Caldwell demanded that we read the text as it was written. However, we were allowed to read his works in modern English as a supplement. She reminded us that our midterm and final would include portions in middle English. Therefore, in order to succeed we needed to know how to digest his work as it was originally written.

I did exactly as she instructed. I’d read a small portion of the tale in middle English, and then I would stop to read the equivalent in modern English to ensure I was comprehending the material. It was an exhaustive process, but I was also going to nail Dr. Caldwell’s exams.

Then the day of the midterm arrived. I successfully completed the short response, but when I reached the essay portion of the exam, things started to get shaky. I was asked to thematically link three or four tales, and my mind could not think of a single connection. I grappled and grasped for anything, sensing that time was slipping away. Finally, it hit me. In each tale, one character goes on a quest. I furiously wrote down and developed my idea, and I walked out of the classroom feeling victorious. That was until I realized, “Oh my gosh, I just argued that they all have a plot.” Suddenly, I was convinced that I had failed, and sheer panic struck. That’s when she caught up to me. We had never spoken before, but she said something along the lines of “Wasn’t that a doozy?” I’m pretty sure “doozy” isn’t even in her vocabulary, but let’s roll with it. And that’s all I needed to spill my guts. From that day forward, I’d sit next to Britany Jean Golden.


Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday. This blog post is dedicated to my sweet sister-friend, Britany Jean Golden. Today is her birthday, and I guarantee you’ll be hearing more about our friendship soon!

…Like that time I crashed her week-long trip in Hawaii. That’s when we became sisters.


Happy 62 Years

I remember calling my mom from Italy to tell her I was going to take a semester off from college. She cried, fearing I’d probably never go back. The whole time I talked to her on the phone she used the pronoun “we.” We don’t want you to take a break. We don’t think it’s a good idea. However, she told me to call my dad after he got off work. This suggestion terrified me. I’ve always been a mama’s girl, and my dad can be difficult to read. Plus, my mom had already established it was going to be two against one.

Still, I bit the bullet and picked up the phone. I expressed to my dad that I needed time, time out of school to work on me. I can picture myself giving my speech, making those pinkie promises to return to college, and that moment of silence where I anxiously waited for his reply.

He surprised me by speaking about his time in the military, how he traveled the world, living in Hawaii and Guam or the time he visited the White House in Washington D.C. He told me it was important not to rush life, and that it was okay to take the time I needed.

I’ve been blessed with two incredible parents. Both of them supported my short detour and so many more after that.

But, today I want to wish my dad a very happy birthday. I love you so much.