I fear red ink.

Before I presented my thesis proposal to the English Faculty, there was a trial run. First, I would pitch my proposal to my classmates. It was supposed to be a safe space, but I was still nervous. After sharing my ideas, I waited for questions, but I didn’t have to wait long. Hand after hand went up, and I began to defend my paper. I started off strong, but with each new question my confidence chipped away, and I began to recognize all of the holes in my argument. Finally, time was up, and I went back to my seat. The girl next to me slid two fruit snacks my way.

My throat tightened, and I knew what was coming, but I wouldn’t cry in front of my classmates. As soon as class ended, I hurried to my car.

This is good. It’s better
I found out
now. This is what
practice runs are for.
I’ll be prepared
next time. 

As soon as I got home, I sat down at the kitchen table. My husband, Danny, had tacos waiting for me. He asked me how it went.

I didn’t respond. I just cried while eating tacos. Then I went upstairs and cried some more.


Happy Saturday, ya’ll! For those of you who read my post called “My husband challenges me,” you know that I had to write 5,000 words by last Saturday. The reward: Disneyland. Just wanted to let ya’ll know that I made it and had a fantastic time!

Yesterday, I shared those 5,000 words with the chair of my thesis committee. Let’s just say, I got a lot of red ink. Tacos anyone?

My husband challenges me…

As some as you may know, I am in the very early stages of writing my thesis to graduate with a master’s degree in English this May…August? (Time will tell.)

I look at my yearly calendar, and there are deadlines in there. Deadlines I didn’t meet. If I had, I’d have 60 pages of my thesis completed by now, and let’s just say I didn’t exactly reach my goal or anywhere close.

A couple weeks ago, my husband suggested that we skip the super bowl parties this year and visit Disneyland instead, since most people will be sitting in front of their TVs, which means shorter lines for us. However, he made sure I knew this idea would be thrown out the window if the New England Patriots were one of the two teams to fight for the championship.

When the Patriots beat the Jaguars this past Sunday, I gave Danny a big fat, fake grin. Football may not be my favorite, but at least there’s food at those parties. Bring on the Cheetos!

But, tonight my husband made me a proposition. If I can write 5,000 words by Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll be spending that day at Disneyland.

To that I saychallenge accepted.

Here’s to many more pics like the one above!

Wish me luck. 💜🐭


Winter Break

This cold has made me a bad human. I meant to have a productive winter break, but I’ve been getting lost in YouTube land and watching too many episodes of Naked and Afraid.

Now it’s time to get back on track! I’ll be starting school on January 10th, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary.

I intend to complete one chapter for my thesis before school starts. This is pretty much equivalent to a 20 page paper. Right now, I’ve got about 3 pages.

I also need to pick up my books for the class I’m taking this spring, British Literature Post-1800. My professor is focusing on works by C.S Lewis, Dorothy L. Sayers, and J.R.R Tolkien.

My reading list includes,

I haven’t read any of these books, so I’m pretty excited! I will be reviewing/sharing insights from these works as I read them over the course of the semester.

I’ve decided to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from now on. 🙂 Maybe a little more.

Till next time!


Blogmas Day 22: “Goals” for 2018

It’s Blogmas Day 22, and I can’t wait for Blogmas to be over. I genuinely thought posting everyday would be easy… ridiculous.

As 2017 comes to a close, many people are beginning to plan for the new year. This got me thinking about my own goals.

I’ve never been a dreamer. I wasn’t that kid who wanted to be an astronaut, a police officer, or a teacher. I missed that phase.

I remember being in my senior year of high school, sitting in between my two best friends at lunch, and them being worried about me. One wanted to be a doctor, and the other wanted to be a teacher. They knew what discipline they wanted to major in and which school they wanted to attend, but I didn’t know anything.

It’s funny. They told me to major in English, and I said that was the most boring major of all. I don’t even know how they knew that about me. My senior year, all I did was complain about my English class, but they were right.

Since then, I’ve graduated from three colleges. I have three associate degrees and two bachelor degrees. Trust me, that wasn’t planned. I’ve done a lot of wandering, attempting to find that thing worth pursuing, and I’ll have you know I still haven’t found it.

It’s not that I’m not interested in anything, but that I’m interested in everything.

In 2018, my main goal is to graduate with an MA in English. I only have one class left, and I need to write my thesis. Ideally, I will finish in May. Realistically, I will probably finish in August. Then, I’ll officially be done with school (but not with learning).

I’m also planning a stay-cation with my close friend, B. Golden in January. The purpose of this trip will be send out our poetry to several journals. This outing won’t just be about our writing, but about spreadsheets, bios, and cover letters. Ya know, the stuff we’ve been avoiding.

Perhaps, I am finally finding what I love, and all of you are a part of it.


Btw, did any of you also see the UFO tonight? 😉

Blogmas Day 13: Christmas Time is Here…

Happiness and cheer!

It’s a wrap folks, I have COMPLETED my third semester in graduate school.


Yesterday, I was working on my 15 page seminar paper (15-25 but we all know that means 15). After writing 14 pages, I took a break by having dinner with my hubby and some close friends at a Chinese restaurant called Red Ginger. As we were driving to the restaurant, I kept telling my husband, “I’m almost done. I’m almost done.” I couldn’t contain my excitement. It didn’t matter which direction the conversation leaned, I always came back to the thought of reaching the finish line.

It’s hard to look forward to Christmas when you have finals to study for and papers to write. So, if you are a student and are not out of school yet, stay strong! You can do it! And if you are not a student but you know one, give that person a big hug. He or she needs it.

By the way, the restaurant’s napkins were folded to form Christmas trees! Snatch this idea up!