My husband challenges me…

As some as you may know, I am in the very early stages of writing my thesis to graduate with a master’s degree in English this May…August? (Time will tell.)

I look at my yearly calendar, and there are deadlines in there. Deadlines I didn’t meet. If I had, I’d have 60 pages of my thesis completed by now, and let’s just say I didn’t exactly reach my goal or anywhere close.

A couple weeks ago, my husband suggested that we skip the super bowl parties this year and visit Disneyland instead, since most people will be sitting in front of their TVs, which means shorter lines for us. However, he made sure I knew this idea would be thrown out the window if the New England Patriots were one of the two teams to fight for the championship.

When the Patriots beat the Jaguars this past Sunday, I gave Danny a big fat, fake grin. Football may not be my favorite, but at least there’s food at those parties. Bring on the Cheetos!

But, tonight my husband made me a proposition. If I can write 5,000 words by Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll be spending that day at Disneyland.

To that I saychallenge accepted.

Here’s to many more pics like the one above!

Wish me luck. 💜🐭


A New Year “Surprise”

Happy Tuesday! It’s my first week on my new Tuesday, Thursday, Friday blogging schedule. I hope you all are doing well! 🙂

Fair warning, I didn’t have the best New Year, and this post may be graphic.

This year the friends my husband and I spend New Year’s Eve with decided to travel across the country to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although Danny and I have been giving them a hard time for leaving us this year, truly, we’re happy they had the opportunity to freeze their toes, play in snow, and consume a few Philly cheesesteaks.

With them gone this holiday, my husband and I played it cool. We had Chinese dumplings for dinner with friends, played Sushi Go! (a very fun card game), and ate a slice of lemon-raspberry cheesecake. We were home and in bed by 10:30 pm. We turned on the movie The Holiday starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, and my husband fell asleep before the main characters even exchanged houses.

When the clock struck twelve, I texted a friend that we were the grandparents of the group, and then I fell asleep.

Around 3 am my dog woke me up to go outside. Downstairs, I could hear my husband waking up and walking to the bathroom. Shortly thereafter, I heard a small crash. I figured he must have hit and knocked something over while walking in the dark. As I continued to look out the window to spot my dog Dobby, I heard a second crash loud enough to make me question whether we had just experienced an earthquake. It seemed like the house shook, even if it was for but a moment. I ran upstairs, turned on the light, and saw my husband standing but startled. I anxiously asked him what happened and was he okay, but he didn’t respond. He just looked at me. That’s when I saw the blood dripping down his head, and this is the image that keeps replaying in my mind.

I called 911, and we spent the night in the ER. My husband needed five staples to close his wound. The doctors believe he passed out, which caused him to hit his head; my husband doesn’t remember what happened. Although, he did share his thoughts on the incident on his own blog. Check it out here!

At the ER and during the day yesterday (when I was awake), I think I remained pretty calm and had a good sense of humor, but when it came time to say goodnight and try to sleep, fear visited me. I’m not one to fear the night. Going to sleep is actually something I look forward to daily. I love sleep. I cherish sleep. I’d snuggle sleep. Ha, you get the point. But all I could think about was that the last time we went to bed it didn’t go so well.

I don’t know why my husband fell. Therefore, I can’t prevent it from happening again. This realization can drive a person crazy, but it can also make me appreciate the good—being home, holding hands, and the taste of freshly baked cinnamon rolls (that’s how we treated ourselves last night).

A fellow blogger, Claire Yang, shared that a New Year’s tradition she practices is not spending any money on the first of January. She wrote, “In the Hmong culture…If you do spend money on the first day of the new year, then you will not be able to save much money and will be spending a lot of it for the entire year.” I commented on her post that I might give this custom a try, and I thought of Claire when the nurse at the ER swiped my credit card.

This New Year I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Dan in Real Life. 

“I want to talk to you about the subject of plans… life plans and how we all make them, and how we hope that our kids make good, smart, safe plans of their own. But if we’re really honest with ourselves, most of our plans don’t work out as we’d hoped. So instead of asking our young people, ‘What are your plans? What do you plan to do with your life?’, maybe we should tell them this: Plan… to be surprised.”

Christmas Cold

Did Christmas make anyone else sick?! I consider myself a healthy person, but then I stray from routine, stay up a little later, and bam I’m in bed with a box of tissues. Oh well.

I had a very merry Christmas. My husband and I spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and then we drove to Nevada that night to spend Christmas with Danny’s parents, his sister and her husband, and our baby nephew Elijah. The time we have together is extremely valuable, because we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like.

Here’s a picture of the lovely bunch!


Now that we all have Instagram, we get to share glimpses of our lives with those we love. However, as we all know, pictures never tell the full story, which is why the good Lord made captions. Just kidding. I think this is something we are all aware of by now, but what does that mean? How does that translate?

On Christmas Eve, I was at church and ran into one of my friend’s mom. She shared with me that this was the first Christmas all her children were married. Her home would be empty for the first time. However, she said this with a smile, because all of them would return to celebrate Christmas at her house.

I was immediately taken back to the year my brother got married to Rachel. I was twelve. They wed in October, and I can clearly visualize him coming home one day to collect his Christmas ornaments to take to his new apartment to put on his own tree. One that didn’t include me. I can’t express how hurtful that day was. I was still a kid, and I think that was the first time I realized my Christmases, my life, would look very different from then on.

As I was telling this story to my friend’s mom, she asked, “Is that the only sibling you have?”

Without even thinking, I said, “No. I have a sister, but she’s never lived with me. So, she’s didn’t have ornaments on our tree.”

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I wished I could take them back. As if somehow, that would make them less true.

But I was immediately comforted by her response, “I understand; we have a blended family too.”

Truly, my family is blended so well that I don’t even remember we have different parents most of the time, but then I run into those small moments that remind me that I do. Christmas is a magical time, but it’s also a season that heightens our expectations and emotions. As friends post pictures of their Christmases, we can start to believe all sorts of different things.

This Christmas, I’m grateful for the family God gave me. He has blessed us through love, marriage, and even divorce. How great that I serve a God who “works all things together for the good of those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose” – Romans 8:28.

Now that Christmas (Blogmas) is over, I’m not totally sure where this blog is headed, but stay tuned. I’ll be brainstorming the next couple of days and deciding which days of the week I’ll be posting.

Thank you to all of my readers! I so appreciate your encouragement and support.


Blogmas Day 20: Christmas Plates

We were registering for our wedding, and I wanted Christmas plates. But, the plates were going to cost approx. $300, and Danny said that they weren’t practical.

His comment irked me, because I typically don’t spend money. So, in my mind, that means when I do ask for something pricey, I should automatically get it. Ha, this opinion seems a lot more logical when it’s just inside my head.

So, I didn’t register for the too expensive plates. However, the following year (Our second Christmas), Danny said we could hunt for more affordable Christmas plates, and we found some!

I actually like them better than the $300 plates.

However, a similar incident occurred just recently. As already stated in a previous blog post, I’m not a natural gift giver. Therefore, when I think of a good gift idea, you better believe I’m going for it.

This gift idea was for my father-in-law, and I got the same remark from my husband, “Is that practical?”

To which I responded, “Does a gift need to practical?”

After thinking about my question, my husband reasoned that his dad already has all he needs. So, if we stumble upon something that simply rouses a dear memory, there is value in that thing.

It’s so funny to write these scenarios out. In those moments, I felt right, and he felt right. That’s all an argument is—two people feeling right.