A New Year “Surprise”

Happy Tuesday! It’s my first week on my new Tuesday, Thursday, Friday blogging schedule. I hope you all are doing well! 🙂

Fair warning, I didn’t have the best New Year, and this post may be graphic.

This year the friends my husband and I spend New Year’s Eve with decided to travel across the country to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although Danny and I have been giving them a hard time for leaving us this year, truly, we’re happy they had the opportunity to freeze their toes, play in snow, and consume a few Philly cheesesteaks.

With them gone this holiday, my husband and I played it cool. We had Chinese dumplings for dinner with friends, played Sushi Go! (a very fun card game), and ate a slice of lemon-raspberry cheesecake. We were home and in bed by 10:30 pm. We turned on the movie The Holiday starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, and my husband fell asleep before the main characters even exchanged houses.

When the clock struck twelve, I texted a friend that we were the grandparents of the group, and then I fell asleep.

Around 3 am my dog woke me up to go outside. Downstairs, I could hear my husband waking up and walking to the bathroom. Shortly thereafter, I heard a small crash. I figured he must have hit and knocked something over while walking in the dark. As I continued to look out the window to spot my dog Dobby, I heard a second crash loud enough to make me question whether we had just experienced an earthquake. It seemed like the house shook, even if it was for but a moment. I ran upstairs, turned on the light, and saw my husband standing but startled. I anxiously asked him what happened and was he okay, but he didn’t respond. He just looked at me. That’s when I saw the blood dripping down his head, and this is the image that keeps replaying in my mind.

I called 911, and we spent the night in the ER. My husband needed five staples to close his wound. The doctors believe he passed out, which caused him to hit his head; my husband doesn’t remember what happened. Although, he did share his thoughts on the incident on his own blog. Check it out here!

At the ER and during the day yesterday (when I was awake), I think I remained pretty calm and had a good sense of humor, but when it came time to say goodnight and try to sleep, fear visited me. I’m not one to fear the night. Going to sleep is actually something I look forward to daily. I love sleep. I cherish sleep. I’d snuggle sleep. Ha, you get the point. But all I could think about was that the last time we went to bed it didn’t go so well.

I don’t know why my husband fell. Therefore, I can’t prevent it from happening again. This realization can drive a person crazy, but it can also make me appreciate the good—being home, holding hands, and the taste of freshly baked cinnamon rolls (that’s how we treated ourselves last night).

A fellow blogger, Claire Yang, shared that a New Year’s tradition she practices is not spending any money on the first of January. She wrote, “In the Hmong culture…If you do spend money on the first day of the new year, then you will not be able to save much money and will be spending a lot of it for the entire year.” I commented on her post that I might give this custom a try, and I thought of Claire when the nurse at the ER swiped my credit card.

This New Year I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Dan in Real Life. 

“I want to talk to you about the subject of plans… life plans and how we all make them, and how we hope that our kids make good, smart, safe plans of their own. But if we’re really honest with ourselves, most of our plans don’t work out as we’d hoped. So instead of asking our young people, ‘What are your plans? What do you plan to do with your life?’, maybe we should tell them this: Plan… to be surprised.”

Reliving 2017’s Highlights

So, my husband started his very own blog a few days ago, and I’m already stealing his cool ideas. (Feel free to stalk)

Let’s look at my 2017 “top nine!”

1) These pictures were taken by my personal photographer, my mom. She’s not an actual photographer, but I’m really awkward in front of a camera, so I need someone who can lovingly force me to smile.

2) This picture is special, because it’s the day our best friends, Kevin and Shadie, got married, and my husband and I both got to be in the wedding and walk down the aisle together.

3) My hubby and I spent Christmas Eve with my very cute parents. We actually live with them right now, but it’s a blessing, because they’re wonderful and we have ZERO student loans!

4) This one time my husband and I threatened to throw a potluck vowel renewal for our dear friends, and lo and behold, our friends basically ended up planning wedding #2. We definitely feel responsible.

5) Christmas with the Shamus! These peeps are my dear in-laws, and I loved them even before I loved my husband. My father-in-law was even my boss well before Danny and I started dating.

6) More pics from Shadie’s and Kevin’s wedding. Our anniversaries are three days apart, so one year we’ll have to celebrate together!

7) My husband won a contest at work, and the prize was Disneyland passes! This means I get to spend a lot more time with the beloved KaylaAnn, because she and her FIANCÉ have passed too. (They just got engaged) 😉

8) Kamie and I’s friendship blossomed this year after I found out she was a fellow book lover! We even started our own book club. 🙂

9) My brand new nephew is the cutest little guy! I wish I wasn’t a long distance auntie!

Happy New Year, everyone! Stay safe, and see ya in 2018!

ALSO, I now have 50 followers and on New Year’s Eve! Thank you all sooo much for making today all the more special. ❤️


T. Shaw

Blogmas Day 22: “Goals” for 2018

It’s Blogmas Day 22, and I can’t wait for Blogmas to be over. I genuinely thought posting everyday would be easy… ridiculous.

As 2017 comes to a close, many people are beginning to plan for the new year. This got me thinking about my own goals.

I’ve never been a dreamer. I wasn’t that kid who wanted to be an astronaut, a police officer, or a teacher. I missed that phase.

I remember being in my senior year of high school, sitting in between my two best friends at lunch, and them being worried about me. One wanted to be a doctor, and the other wanted to be a teacher. They knew what discipline they wanted to major in and which school they wanted to attend, but I didn’t know anything.

It’s funny. They told me to major in English, and I said that was the most boring major of all. I don’t even know how they knew that about me. My senior year, all I did was complain about my English class, but they were right.

Since then, I’ve graduated from three colleges. I have three associate degrees and two bachelor degrees. Trust me, that wasn’t planned. I’ve done a lot of wandering, attempting to find that thing worth pursuing, and I’ll have you know I still haven’t found it.

It’s not that I’m not interested in anything, but that I’m interested in everything.

In 2018, my main goal is to graduate with an MA in English. I only have one class left, and I need to write my thesis. Ideally, I will finish in May. Realistically, I will probably finish in August. Then, I’ll officially be done with school (but not with learning).

I’m also planning a stay-cation with my close friend, B. Golden in January. The purpose of this trip will be send out our poetry to several journals. This outing won’t just be about our writing, but about spreadsheets, bios, and cover letters. Ya know, the stuff we’ve been avoiding.

Perhaps, I am finally finding what I love, and all of you are a part of it.


Btw, did any of you also see the UFO tonight? 😉