Ten things I like about me

I was supposed to write this post yesterday. It was even on my to do list, but it felt too awkward to write.

In my gratitude journal, there was a prompt that asked me to write down ten things I like about myself.

I was able to list the first five qualities pretty quickly, but then I came to a halt. I couldn’t think of number six, seven, or eight…

The irony is that two of my blogging friends Em and Little Miss Sunshine have written posts about being comfortable in your own skin, and in both their comment sections I said that I was grateful for the body I live in. Still, I felt awkward thinking about the things I like about myself and even more awkward about sharing those things with all of you.

Who knew this gratitude journal would really make me think?

Here’s what I ended up coming up with:

  1. I can stay calm when others get angry. I salute those years where I worked as a customer service rep.
  2. I can see both sides. It’s the mediator in me.
  3. I’m a learner of all types.
  4. I’m a faithful friend.
  5. I’m a poet.
  6. I can be a good listener.
  7. I’m stubborn. This wasn’t always a characteristic my parents enjoyed as I was growing up, but I use my powers more for good than evil now.
  8. I have wavy hair (not featured in this picture), which reminds me that I need to update my “about me” photo since I no longer have long hair, and I grew out my bangs a century ago.
  9. I’m quiet. Sometimes my silence inspires anxiousness in others, but it’s something I’ve come to appreciate.
  10. I can sing some really good karaoke. Bring on any song with freakishly long notes; that’s what really gets me going.

How easy or difficult would it be for you to rattle off ten things you like about yourself?I’d love to know a few. 🙂


T. Shaw